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Tongue and groove laminate is a type of flooring that allows for each plank to easily interlock with one another. On each individual laminate plank, one side has a small flat edge, or the tongue, while the other side has a larger grooved edge that will hold the tongue in place, so your floors fit snuggly. Tongue and groove flooring makes for super simple installation.

If you’re looking to save some money and install the floors yourself, tongue and groove laminate floors are a great option. Although most tongue and groove style laminates are simple, some take a little bit more effort to get that perfectly gap-less lock. Overall, tongue and groove laminate is a great alternative to other types of laminate flooring that may require floors to be glued to the subfloor, which can get messy.

Unless the tongue or groove is damaged, each plank will fit seamlessly one after another to create a beautiful floor. If there is any damage to either the tongue or the groove and they are installed improperly, it could lead to an unstable floor. Because of the locking mechanism between planks, there is also an opportunity for moisture to creep in if the floor isn’t installed properly. Moisture between the boards can cause the laminate to shrink and expand throughout the year, which can also create an unstable floor. Understanding the humidity in your area is an important factor when deciding whether or not tongue and groove laminate is right for your home. We recommend consulting with a professional sales associate at Flooring America to find the best laminate for your space.